• Aired five times a week, Fast Pitch is a televised program for entrepreneurs to come and show-case their idea, product or service requiring capital and guidance in design, production, marketing and sales.
  • Hosted by Tommy Habeeb, the guest entrepreneurs will be supported by social media influencers; each with over a million followers, and from these followers they will pick their people, products and guests to appear on the show and ‘Fast Pitch’ what they have to their viewer audience.
  • The studio panel will comprise high net worth investors, industry experts, buyers and marketers from big stores as well as CEO’s major industrial and commercial corporations, who will vet the product and determine if it is worth bringing back on in more depth.
  • FAST PITCH is syndicated in 200 U.S. markets, covering 70% of the country and will conservatively generate over 1,100,000 dedicated daily viewers.
  • Audience focus on mostly millennial and female market.
  • Members of the public will be able to invest in the products that are show-cased using a crowd-funding platform.
  • FAST PITCH will facilitate access to Private Equity investment sources in the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Affiliation with an in-house managed fund, enabling FAST PITCH to be an investor in strong ideas and products and take an equitable position.
  • Aired from the historic downtown Dallas hotel, The Statler Hilton.

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