FAST PITCH is a one-hour daily broadcast television show that is ad supported distributed through ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and independent television stations as well as cable, optical cable and other telecommunication media as Apple TV and Roku. FAST PITCH is what Shark Tank should be in 2018. FAST PITCH focuses on entertaining, informing, and educating its viewers, while funding young and old companies with capital needs. The programming will produce original content source solicited by our team of correspondents (Influencers), each with more than one million followers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Our influencers will give us a base audience of over 30 million people.


Hosted by Tommy Habeeb

As one of the busiest creative forces in Texas, Tommy Habeeb is the brainchild, executive producer, writer and host of such hit shows as “CHEATERS”, “STAG: A Test of Love”, “Billionaires Car Club”, “Art Of War”,

MMAX Fights, “EYE FOR AN EYE.“, co-hosted theSPCALA Telethon with Betty White. Tommy starred in both the sitcom, ”OUT ON BAIL” and the feature film, “DANGEROUS COUNTRY”, and hosted the television show and video series, “SUPERSTARS IN SPORTS: Inside Training Camp”, “SPEEDZONE TV”. Tommy also co-hosted the Mrs. World Pageant with popular T.V. star Florence Henderson. He can also be seen as a regular on“The Maury Povich Show”.



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